5 good reasons to join drones-and-pilots.com

  1. EXPLOSIVE GROWTH OF THE DRONE SERVICES MARKET: According to Forbes :”In a few years we’ve gone from a hobbyist niche to an estimated one million consumer-class or small-business drones sold last year in the U.S. alone. Such a steep growth curve has all the earmarks of a new product category. Venture capitalists have poured nearly a billion dollars into new drone companies “Make sure your company can be found easily. Your website may be the first to rank on the search engines…or it might be the last.
  2. THINK GLOBALLY, ACT GLOBALLY: Drones-and-pilots is a worldwide directory listing. I hear you thinking: “Why should someone in th UK hire my drone services in Australia?” Already In May of 2013, SkyMotion Video  from Toronto was sent to Brazil for three weeks to shoot with one of the most respected natural history organizations in the world – the Natural History Unit of the BBC. The NHU at the BBC is responsible for such global sensations as Planet Earth, Human Planet, and Frozen Planet.
  3. GEOLOCATION OF YOUR BUSINESS: Make it easy for customers to find your drone business by zooming in on the map. Check out our accounts page in the menu to see what information you can store on your listing.
  4. CATEGORIES: Your drone business is listed in one or more categories making it even simpler for a customer to find the right business for the Job. Don’t worry, if you think your business doesn’t seem to fit in any category listed, suggest one to us on contact@drones-and-pilots.com It takes about 3 seconds to add a category…well euh 10 seconds actually
  5. FREE SUBSCRIPTION: You can subscribe for free now and add your listing later. You can subscribe HERE