How to control your drone with a glove

According to their website PULSIT revolutionizes the piloting of drones thanks to a connected glove which replaces  the conventional radio control.
The drone is completely intuitive: tilt the hand forward and the drone moves forward; Tilt it backwards and back. Right, left, front, rear, rotation, throttle, everything is done with one hand, without learning!



  • Precise
    The inclination of the hand is measured to the degree, and this in a very intuitive way. It’s 10 times better than a radio control joystick. Throttle is controlled by a ring placed at the tip of the middle finger, also with unparalleled precision.


  • Ultra compatible
    Compatible with 90% of drones!
    Unlike radio controls that are limited to certain drones, PULSIT interfaces with almost all types of civilian drones: put on your glove, download the application on your smartphone and you’re ready to fly.

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